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*facturé annuellement, plus les taxes applicables



*facturé annuellement, plus les taxes applicables


Are you really free?

Nothing in life is free, but having said that, we only charge for any extra money we make your brand. If MagicSend's emails generate orders for your store, we take a 10% cut off that. If we don't, you pay nothing! This is how much we believe in our ourselves.

How do you determine whether it was your email that generated an order?

We use a standard 7-day attribution model. If the person makes an order within 7 days of us sending them an email, we count that as an order generated by MagicSend.

Why don't you charge a monthly fee like other platforms?

We believe it's better for everyone if we operate this way. You, as the store, don't pay for anything you don't get value from. Your benefit in return, is our benefit and only make money if you do. Win-Win!

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