The Real Potential Of Email Marketing For E-Commerce

Email marketing is a powerful communications tools in e-commerce, but you might not be using it to its full potential.

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July 16, 2021

Email marketing is known to be one of the most powerful communications tools in e-commerce, but you might not be using it to its maximum potential.

Have you ever spent hours designing an email, going back and forth with your team on edits, only to see it didn’t move the needle for your business? What many e-commerce professionals have done to avoid that is to follow email best practices and often compare their results with industry benchmarks. For example, during 2020 the average open rate for ecommerce stores was 18% and average click-through rate 2.6%. If your overall metrics were better than that, would you be even thinking about further optimizing your emailing schedules and content? 

Here’s what you’ve been missing out if you rely solely on the data displayed by your email platform:

  • Limited view of only historical data: By just looking at your past performance, you could be missing out on anticipating a purchasing opportunity, targeting a group of users more often, or even the chance to include the products that are more likely to increase your basket size.
  • Lack of smart segmentation: Email platforms usually don’t account for audience-specific optimization opportunities. They just use the segments based on how you’ve structured your lists or audiences in their system.
  • No access to data integration: They don’t integrate email performance data with other purchasing behaviors to give you an indicator of when is the best timing to send an email to a specific segment or the right incentive to convert them.

Luckily, we’ve addressed these gaps with Pulley’s recommendation engine. By including a holistic analysis of your store’s data into our algorithms, we can help you unlock additional benefits from your email marketing practices. For example, you’ll be able to download specific user lists to target so that you reach them when their probability to buy is at its highest point, access a list of top products to include to maximize basket size, or the right incentive for a group of high-value users to optimize your conversion ROI.

This doesn’t mean you’ll need to migrate your email actions into Pulley. It’s a lot easier than that! By connecting your Klaviyo or Mailchimp account, we remove the guessing time from the daily decisions you need to make to boost your store’s performance. We’ll just give you a series of suggestions, including what group of customers to target when, why, and with what products or incentives.