Beautiful recommendation emails that convert ridiculously well.

10 min setup. No more hours lost configuring flows on Klaviyo or MailChimp.

Magic Send's beautiful emails will convert really well

How does it work?

Connect your Shopify store

Connect your Shopify store in just a few clicks. Or add via the Shopify App Store. Easy as that.

Customize your template

Choose one of our beautiful templates, and make it your own.

See actual emails before they go to customers

Receive emails in your inbox as your customers would. Once ready, easily go live so your customers can receive these emails!

And that's it! Sit back and watch the money come in

"Using Magic Send was the easiest thing ever. Setting up the email took no time at all and the personalisation is amazing"

Eppie L.
COO & Brand Manager


Are you really free?

Nothing in life is free, but having said that, we only charge for any extra money we make your brand. If MagicSend's emails generate orders for your store, we take a 10% cut off that. If we don't, you pay nothing! This is how much we believe in our ourselves.

How do you determine whether it was your email that generated an order?

We use a standard 7-day attribution model. If the person makes an order within 7 days of us sending them an email, we count that as an order generated by MagicSend.

Why don't you charge a monthly fee like other platforms?

We believe it's better for everyone if we operate this way. You, as the store, don't pay for anything you don't get value from. Your benefit in return, is our benefit and only make money if you do. Win-Win!

How does it work?

How is my template personalized?

We personalize every email we send out with the products your customer wants to buy, when they're ready to buy them. We do this by predicting when someone is ready to rebuy, and what they're most likely to rebuy.

What do I have to do?

You simply create an account with MagicSend, connect your Shopify app, and customize a template with your branding. That's it! We will start sending out emails on your behalf and keep you updated on how they perform.

I'm unsure if this is good for me.

That's understandable! We understand it's unnerving having someone else send out emails to your customers.

This is why we offer a preview mode which you can use to make sure everything is okay. In preview mode, we will send you the emails that your customers would have received. Feel free to use it for as long as you want.

I already have Klaviyo/MailChimp.

Can I use MagicSend on top of Klaviyo/MailChimp?

Absolutely! MagicSend will only send out recommendation emails and will not interfere with your flows or other campaigns.

You can even connect your Klaviyo/MailChimp accounts with MagicSend so we don't send users emails too close to when other platforms do.

But what is the point of having MagicSend over Klaviyo/MailChimp?

You know how you have to set up flows in MailChimp to retarget your customers? Then you know how long that takes and how annoying it is.

MagicSend does that...but better! We have helped brands grow their revenues 10% month-on-month and increase their email conversion rates ridiculously.

Are you going to add other features that Klaviyo/MailChimp have?

Potentially! We're keen to hear about what features you think we should add next.

Please write us a note with what you would want next.