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Pulley connects your Shopify store, email, and ads platforms and finds where you're missing out on sales or over-spending on acquisition. No code required.

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How can Pulley help you grow your eComm sales?

Pulley’s AI aggregates all your data and sends you daily marketing and optimization suggestions that you can automate.

Easy Integrations

Connect your Shopify store, Facebook, Google, Klaviyo and/or Mailchimp accounts in just a few clicks. No code required!

Data Aggregation

Pulley cleans, merges, and standardizes your data automatically so you don’t waste time on it.

Smart Segmentation

AI identifies key behavioral patterns and group your customers based on their unique characteristics.

Growth Opportunities

AI finds daily, data-driven suggestions to grow your revenues, retarget your customers, or lower your CAC.

Automated Reporting

Pulley’s automated dashboards allow you to see all your important data in one place.

Top-notch Security

Pulley is entirely run on the cloud, so your data is always available, encrypted, and secure.

Don’t leave any money on the table.

Pulley knows what each of your customers will buy, when they'll buy, and the best way to upsell them or retain them.


Every day, Pulley sends you data-driven recommendations to improve your store’s performance. For example, the time to email a specific group of customers so they are more likely to buy, retarget high value users so they buy more from you, or the right offer that will make a past customer come back.


Visualize the important metrics you need to know about your online store’s performance. From the total sales by period, the percentage of sales coming from new and existing customers, your average order size and value, and the average item price compared to the previous day, week, month or year.


Filter your list of customers by source, readiness to buy, time since their first order, and more. We’ll show you how many users fit your criteria in each segment, provide in-depth analytics about their behavior, and you can export their emails for custom campaigns.

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"Who actually has time to analyze everything? Pulley is a life saver because it helps me find data driven ways to retarget, upsell, convert, and retain my customers."

Jessica K.
eComm Manager

"Pulley monitors my business 24/7 to find the best things I can do to grow my store. I focus on my product while Pulley does the rest. It's freaking awesome."

Leslie S.
COO & Founder
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